Colorado-based installer MALLETT EXCAVATING joins forces with out of state firm, LANDMARK EARTH SOLUTIONS, in offering flood mitigation relief solutions in the Waldo Canyon burn area

Woodland Park, Co (August 10, 2013) – Landmark Earth Solutions, Inc. (LES) has introduced a rapidly deployable, patented alternative to sandbags for flood control and de-watering applications in Colorado’s El Paso and Teller Counties.

The new offering is RIBS™, a rapidly-deployed emergency water and flood control system being installed by Mallett Excavating, Woodland Park, Co.

Why now?
“No one wants a repeat of last summer, when businesses were caught off-guard by natural disasters,” said Chelsy Murphy, Colorado Springs Visitor Bureau director of communications. The recent fire scars have led to the mitigation work.

Every year, homes and businesses are destroyed by rising flood waters. In Colorado, flooding has become one of the top natural hazards due to fires the previous two years in El Paso and Teller County.

Not all floods are alike, according to emergency management officials. And with the damaging currents of water, floods can carry rocks, mud and debris.

“For these reasons, the best defense against flooding is one that can be executed quickly,” said Anne Mallett, owner, Mallett Excavating.

Business locations where RIBS have been installed in recent weeks include the Ute Pass Library and Cascade Fire Department.

The system was installed via a grant from the Cascade Fire Protection District.

“The flood prevention system has been very effective to date in providing protection from flood damage to the Cascade fire house and Ute Pass library,” said Michael Whittemore, Fire Chief, Cascade, Colorado.

Several community homes have the barrier system in place now.

“I am very happy with the system,” said homeowner Maryanne Ahl.
“They [installers] were very courteous and worked very hard. You should have seen the mess here before — but now my house is safe and protected,” Ahi said.

“I believe that my house will not be affected by the water [forecasted storms] and that it will go on by and down the road,” she added.

“Since the system was installed, I feel a lot more secure at my house. The creek behind my house has risen, but has not flooded yet, said Carol Pepper. “I don’t feel as nervous as I did before (the installation). I’m sure things will be fine now.”

Because emergencies don’t wait

“From a total-cost perspective, our flood control solutions efficiently address problems faced during critical situations,” said David Brown, LES Senior Vice President. “Because emergencies don’t wait for ideal conditions.”

“By entering the Colorado market, we’re continuing our commitment to target the best early stage technologies and commercialize them on an international scale,” said Bart Daniel, LES Colorado representative.

Available solutions for Colorado

RIBS – Rapid Installation Barrier System
Evaluated at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi, RIBS is a rapidly deployed, patented alternative to sandbags for flood control and de-watering applications.

With installation rates up to 30 times faster than standard barriers, RIBS’ trapezoidal design resists water flow while providing a stable barricade against severe weather events and the threat of encroaching waters.

Woven, reinforced polypropylene fabric bags 2, 4 and 6 feet in height are loaded with sand, dirt or gravel with a special trailer that deploys bags as other bags are added and filled.

RIBS can be used instead of sandbags in flood control, to restrict water flow and erosion on beaches and riverbeds, and for containment measures on construction and mining sites.

Already during the 2013 flood season, several hundred yards of RIBS has been used along the Waldo Canyon Burn scar in flood defense applications.

RIBSCage – Rapid Installation Barrier for Flood Defense
RIBSCage is a portable, easy-to-use system for the filling and installation of RIBS Bags. RIBSCage units can be transported with a standard pickup truck, so they require no heavy machinery.

Benefits & Features
• Lightweight design requires only two (2) people to carry and set up.
• Quick-release wings guide fill and provide easy release when full.
• Each RIBSCage is comprised of only two pieces for easy assembly, removal, and storage.
Pre-packed Emergency Kits are available in 3′, 4′, and 6′ heights.

Pre-packed Emergency Kits
Emergency Kits come pre-packed with assembly/use instructions, two (2) RIBSCage units, and 500 LF of RIBS Bags. Each kit is wrapped in a protective sleeve, so it can be stored until time of use.

Additional facts to consider:
One 50’ RIBS Bag = 3,900 sandbags
One mile of coverage = 105.6 RIBS bags vs. 411,840 sandbags
One mile of coverage, man hours = 106 with RIBS vs. 15,840 with sandbags

Barricage – Durable, versatile defense solutions
Barricage Defense Solutions, a collapsible, fabric lined welded wire cage system, is a cost effective way to provide force protection and flood defense during emergency situations.

This pre-assembled and easily installed barrier contours to terrain for a variety of erosion control and earth management needs, such as when waters threaten safety of a community.

Produced using upcycled steel and lined with a heavy non-woven geotextile, Barricage is available in a variety of sizes and is stackable to meet the specific application’s need.

It uses locally available fill material, which helps eliminate excessive purchase and shipping costs. The gabion wire cage is assembled in Missouri, and the geotextile lining is manufactured in Georgia.

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